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Androgenetic Alopecia

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Female Pattern Hair Loss thins at the front and the crown, partings may seem wider,femalepatternbaldness the hair is more see through with a noticeably visible scalp.  Female pattern hair loss is categorised by the Ludwig scale, hair is never lost at the sides or the back and most often the hair line is retained, unlike in the Male Pattern Loss.

The causes of Female Pattern Hair loss are the same as for Male Pattern:
Genetic predisposition, generally inherited from the maternal grandmother
Age, can start as early as puberty, postmenopausal thinning is usually related to oestrogen reduction.
Increased sensitivity to the presence of the hormone testosterone that is produced in the adrenal cortex.
In female pattern loss the hair doesn’t just fall out it minaturises through each successive growth cycle, although not curable there are many treatment options from cosmetic to medical, make sure that you seek advice to obtain the widest range of options.