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Androgenetic Alopecia

Male Pattern Loss

malepatternbaldnessRecession to the temple area, thinning at the crown and gradual loss joining together, gives the typical pattern associated with male hair loss.  Rarely is the hair lost on the sides and the back.  The Hamilton and Norwood scales classify male hair loss.

Male Pattern Hair loss is caused by 3 things:

1) Genetic predisposition, most commonly inherited from the maternal grandfather

2) Presence of the androgen Testosterone
2) Age, can start as early as puberty, the earlier the onset often means the more severe the loss, seek advice early to have as many treatment options as possible.

In male pattern hair loss the hair minaturises through each subsequent growth cycle, although male pattern loss is not curable there are options to manage and slow the loss, or the options of using cosmetic enhancers or transplants.

Any treatments that are undertaken need to be given a minimum of 4 – 6 months to see results, hair loss doesn’t happen overnight, treatments are the same, they don’t work overnight either.