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Are you worried about Hair Loss?
 At the UK Hair specialists we work with you to try to treat and reduce hair loss, diagnose the cause of thinning hair in order to treat it and restore density wherever possible and to treat problem scalps from simple itching and flaking through to scarring and other scalp conditions.
There are more than 50 probable causes of hair loss, it takes time and skill to diagnose the correct cause so that effective advice and treatment can be given, Eva has specialised in this area and has advised and helped thousands of people over the last 15 years.

Female Hair Loss
Female hair loss can range from a noticeable shedding to severe hair thinning. Sometimes our GP’s and Dermatologist don’t or can’t give female hair loss and thinning the time that it deserves  We are the best team to help you  in what can become a very stressful time of your life. Female hair loss and thinning hair can be caused by a number of factors such as changing hormone levels, diet or medical conditions: the fact is there can be around 50 different reasons why you may have thinning hair, our mission is to pinpoint the cause and condition to effectively help you address and manage your condition, making hair loss something less for you to worry about.

Male Hair Loss
Male pattern baldness, (Androgenetic Alopecia), is nearly always responsible for hair loss in Men, the good news is that there are treatments that can slow and stop the progressive loss if caught soon enough and treated effectively.  Eva specialises in male hair loss  treatment and solutions, working with the latest Minoxidil based products and hair loss solutions from the oldest wigmaker in the UK and their team of specialist hair loss hairdressers.