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Traumatic Alopecia

Traumatic AlopeciaTraumatic Alopecia can be caused by poor hair care, use of excessive heat or overuse of chemicals that colour and relax or perm the hair.  A consultation is required to identify the cause and to advise on how to manage the hair through to recovery.

Traction alopecia is caused by long term, excessive pulling on the hair shaft due to hairstyle, added hair systems, or disorders such as Trichotillamania.  This condition usually affects women and can lead to folliculitis, hair loss and in severe cases scarring.  A consultation is required to identify the cause of the traction and to determine the level of damage.  Specific products can be recommended to nourish the hair whilst it is recovering from the damage.



At UK Hair Specialists we understand that hair and scalp disorders can be difficult to come to terms with. The hair on your head is a defining part of your identity and any form of hair loss can feel as if your are losing your identity resulting in loss of self-confidence and can in some cases lead to depression. Having a consultation with a definitive diagnosis is often the first step on the road to understanding and dealing with your hair loss. All our consulations are in complete confidence and we can discuss the options open. Please use the contact us form for more details.